Monday, July 7, 2014

Sunday and Monday

Sunday was an interesting day.

In the morning we cleaned up our new (used) bike trailer and took the kids on a bike ride.  I pulled Baby Boy in the trailer and everyone else rode.  We rode out to a local roadway that is closed to motorized vehicles to allow for cycling and other recreational activities.  The roadway forms a large loop and the kids did loops around (I think Big Boy did 3 loops and Little Boy did 1.5).  

We rode home and arrived hot and sweaty.  To beat the heat we had a spontaneous water fight!  Baby Boy was so incredibly cute toddling around in soaking wet clothes trying to squirt everyone with his water gun.

After lunch and naps we headed out to the pool.  We swam for about 20 minutes and then Big Boy got a nose bleed.  I took him into the washroom to get a tissue for his nose and when we came out we found that the lifeguards had close up the pool because of blood in the water.  Everyone was being ushered out and the pool was closed for the day.

Big Boy felt very bad for causing the closure.  I'm not entirely sure any blood actually went into the water, he was standing in armpit high water when he got the nose bleed and it was not dripping.

We went home for supper and then after supper we went out for an ice cream treat.  

Monday could have been a pretty boring day but our friends came over and the kids had a massive water fight.  It was a really fun morning.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Home Depot Workshop - Bug House

My husband took the kids to another Home Depot Workshop this morning.  The project was a bug house and it involved many elements.  The kids had to nail, fit a dowel, paint, stick stickers, tack on the door, and tack on the protective mesh.  It was an involved project and here are the results:

Friday, July 4, 2014

Swim Suits

We have been swimming every day.  My old swim suit is 2 mismatched pieces that I bought at Superstore before having Little Boy.  It is tired, ill fitting, and ugly.

I decided that since we are swimming so much I would need to buy a swim suit that was not hideous.  I looked online and decided to check out a few shops.  I never managed to get to those shops, but I did get a chance to look at the swim suits in Academy one day.  I tried a couple on and fell in love with one.  It's a skirt and top "mix and match" combo.  the best part was that it was in my favourite colours (pink and brown) and had a paisley top (I love prints).

After wearing it a few times I decided I loved it even more than I thought!  I decided to buy more pieces.  I went back to Academy and they were sold out of everything in my size.  A week later I was at a different Academy and I managed to find another suit in my size....and it was 25% off!  When I got it home I confirmed that it matches my other suit so all of the pieces can be worn together.

For once I'm pleased with my swim "wardrobe"!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

What a day....

We had one of those days where nothing goes right.  

This morning we met friends at Jaycee splash park.   Finally we found a nice one!   For most of our playdate Baby Boy rested in my lap.  Then, when it was time to go he decided he loved the splash park and started playing.   Of course he wanted to we stayed on a bit and the kids probably got too much sun.  

We left the splash park and I decided to treat the kids to Icee treats on the way home.  We stopped at gas bar and popped into the shop.  The sign indicated that they sell 3 sizes.  I wanted to get each boy a small but there were no small cups.  When I asked for the small cups the clerk told me they don't actually get them in!    She offered to sell me 3 coffee cups full of Icee (a much smaller size) for the price of a large Icee and it seemed like a great deal - and more than enough Icee. 

I took the kids home for lunch followed by the Icees.  Then they napped.  After naps, everything went wrong.  

We got all dressed to go for a swim and then walked to the pool only to find out the pool was closed due to mechanical issues.  Little Boy was devastated and he insisted on wearing his swim suit for the rest of the day.  

I decided to take them to the arboretum, where I needed to pick up something in the shop.  It was closed too!

We looked at some turtles and frogs and then we went home.   On the way home we decided that they would watch a movie when we got home.  (Essentially I gave up because all of my activities were not working out).  I got the kids all settled and put the movie on.  It stopped working after just a couple of minutes and I couldn't fix it!

Then a thunderstorm started and we couldn't even go outside. 

My husband came home and we had dinner.  Big Boy was feeling ill so we kept the evening low key.  We let the kids play and we let Little Boy watch a few minutes of this silly television show he likes (it's called "Bet on your Baby" - it's a game show where parents bet on whether their 2-3 year old child can complete some simple tasks - he loves this show!).  

Then Big Boy threw up.   Now he's in bed having a fitful sleep....what a day!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What is wrong with people? Or.....Aron Ledet Park

This morning I wanted to take the kids to a spray park.  We had a bunch of errands to do as well.  I picked a spray park about 10 minutes away from where we needed to do the errands and I thought we could play and then do our chores.  

It took a while to find the park because my G.P.S. was slightly incorrect about the location - no worries, we found it and drove into the parking lot.

As soon as we got there, Big Boy said - "It's a dump!  It's full of rubbish!  We can't go there!"

He was right.  The spray park and the surrounding lawns were covered in trash and absolutely filthy.  It would not have been safe to walk around in the spray park and it was just disgusting.  We didn't even bother getting out of the car, we just drove on.

What is wrong with people?  It's a park with a lot of potential, why can't people use the rubbish bins?  Why not clean up after yourself and preserve the play area?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Arboretum Again....

We went to the arboretum again today.  It is a beautiful place but it's different in the summer.  It was very hot early in the morning - we only stayed about an hour before everyone was sweating.  Also the playground and other areas were filled with summer camp children.  And there were so many snake holes!  

It looks like a lovely place to go to summer camp.