Wednesday, August 6, 2014


In early July the kids and I spent 3 blissful days with friends in Wintergreen.  Staying with friends is interesting - you all like each other on some level, but there is a "cut off point" and after that, the visit is a chore for both host and guest.  I think on this trip we hit a good balance.  We had a great time and on our last morning, our host family was preparing to leave for a weekend away of their own so we made sure to get out quickly.

During our visit, the kids spent hours playing outside and they particularly loved the trampoline.  They played with toys inside and we let them watch a move almost every evening.  We all made a trip downtown to see friends at my old office and had a picnic near the playground in Bragg Creek.  The kids fell into bed exhausted every night.

On our last evening, our hosts threw a party and we all sat outside for a wiener roast.  The kids ran around with new and old friends and I had a lovely time.  I also have a favourite new drink - a Shock Top Shandy!  I only wish I could have found a place that sold them by the case!

Our visit was wonderful and I only hope that I can repay the favour some day.

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