Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekend of July 19 and 20

The weekend of July 19 and 20 was a busy weekend for my boys.

On Saturday my husband's parents took my older boys out for lunch, a shopping trip, and to the movies.  They watched "Planes: Fire & Rescue".  The kids loved the film and had a great time going out for the afternoon.  They came home filled with treats and behaving like kids who had a day of being spoiled.

On Sunday we met friends for a swim at the Terwillegar Recreation Centre.  The kids had a great time swimming through the lazy river and going down the water slide.  This was an important swimming trip for Big Boy - he went on the diving board for the first time!  He had to swim a lap to show that he was capable of exiting the water and then he was free to go on the low board.  He had a blast!

About a week later I took him back to the pool alone and we had a blast doing "big kid" stuff.  He went off the diving board over and over, trying different tricks like spins, jumping jacks, and cannon balls.  He swam in the deep end and went down the slide.  His favourite activity of all was swimming laps wearing flippers on his feet.  

Not to toot my own horn but I had a great time too - and I went off the highest diving board - it's really high!

Later on Sunday we went for a walk in the Edmonton River Valley.  The River Valley in Edmonton is very beautiful, here are some pictures.  Some are from our walk on July 20 and some are from the next day when we went for a River Valley walk near Fort Edmonton with my Aunt and Uncle.

The Edmonton Queen with a classic downtown view.

Another shot of the Queen - a passerby told the boys that she carried pirates!

A statue in the Chinese Garden.

This is the bridge near Fort Edmonton Park.

A lovely modern bridge.

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