Sunday, August 10, 2014

We made ice cream!

Yesterday morning my husband went for a bike ride.  The kids rods their bikes to the playground and were completely covered in sweat within seconds of leaving the house. They played at the playground for a long stretch and then went for a ride on the flat trails near the playground.  When we got home they had apples for a snack and then we were at loose ends.  

Instead of sending the kids off to play, I decided to make ice cream (yes, that's an odd choice at 9:30 a.m.).  We don't have an ice cream maker but I had seen some basic instructions for the "2 bag" method online and I decided to go for it.  

We filled an enormous plastic zip seal bag halfway with ice and then added kosher salt.  Then we took a smaller bag and put sugar, vanilla, and milk inside. We sealed the smaller bag and placed it into the middle of the ice and salt in the bigger bag.  Then we sealed the bigger bag.  

I set the timer for 5 minutes and the kids and I all took turns agitating the bags.   I put on music and the boys shook their booties along with the bags.  

After 5 minutes I doubtfully opened the larger bag and pulled out the smaller bag to see if we had actually made any ice cream. We had!  It looked and tasted just right.   The quantity was small - about 2 scoops - but it was lovely.  I put it in a bowl and got out spoons and let the kids eat it all. Baby Boy liked it so much he cried when I was washing out the bowl.  

I used whole milk so the flavour was light - more of an "ice milk" than "ice cream".  I think that's why Baby Boy liked it - he doesn't really like ice cream or anything with a rich dairy taste.   Next time I will make it a bit sweeter - but that's just my personal taste.  

The clean up was easy....I emptied the ice into the sink and then threw away the bags.  

Here are some photos of the whole experience:

This is what we used to make the ice cream.

Setting up our "ice cream maker."

All finished with the mixing.

Yum!!  I can't believe how easy it was.

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