Thursday, August 7, 2014

Trip to Edmonton

On Friday, July 11, 2014 the kids and I left the home of our friends in the morning and headed toward the airport to return our rental car.  One the way, we decided to stop at Superstore to pick up some snacks for the kids.  The rental car was hot and smelled of rank air conditioner.  Little Boy had been complaining about his tummy during the drive, but I dismissed his complaints because he hadn't eaten properly the night before (dinner was hot dogs, and he hates hot dogs so he basically ate chips!).  Once we got to Superstore, I found out he was really ill - he threw up all over the entrance!

It took a few minutes to sort him out, and then we bought our groceries and left the store.  I guess he was just car sick because he wasn't ill after that.

We drove up to the airport and quickly returned the car (much faster to return the car than rent the car).  At the airport we met my parents and loaded the kids into their minivan.  We grabbed a quick lunch and drove up to Edmonton (about a 3 hour drive).

In Edmonton the kids relaxed and settled into their room in my parents basement.  We spent the weekend visiting and settling in.  

The next week was full of errands.  We went to the dentist, applied for a new passport, I got my hair done and we caught up on some shopping.  I also caught up with friends and family over dinners out and took the kids to the park.

We went to Jackie Parker Park one afternoon and ran into a relative - my mom's cousin - who was babysitting her grandchildren who are roughly the same age as my boys.  We planned to meet up again and the kids spent a couple of lovely afternoons at the playground together.

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