Monday, August 11, 2014

Saplings Camp

During our trip to Edmonton, Big Boy attended a week of day camp at GoldBar Park - the "Saplings Camp".  This was one of the best camps he has ever attended - an old fashioned camp where the kids did basic outdoors camping activities.

On the first day the kids went fishing and each brought home a fishing rod.  Big Boy went fishing with my dad one evening and caught a fish - he was so proud and he loves fishing!  

Throughout the week of the camp the kids went hiking, had picnics, launched paper boats, and made pinatas.  The last day was a dramatic rainout but Big Boy still wanted to go so that he could finish his projects and see his friends.

The City of Edmonton runs some wonderful day camps and I hope to send the kids every summer.

Here are some pictures of Big Boy's fishing trip with my dad. They released the fish after the photos.

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