Saturday, August 9, 2014

Prairie Gardens

On July 18, Big Boy had an early morning dental appointment (his first filling!) and when he was finished we drove out to Prairie Gardens and Adventure Farm (   It is an attraction near Bon Accord, just north of Edmonton.  Admission for our who group (my parents, the three boys, and me) was $42.

Prairie Gardens was an interesting place to visit.  It's a bit run down, but it is a fairly true representation of an Alberta farm.  To a typical farm they have added a bunch of leisure activities.  On the day we were there not all of the activities were working.  There were only a couple of other families at the farm. It was also very muddy because it had rained the night before.

This is the kind of outing where the kids are not instantly drawn to the activities and the parents/adults need to do a lot of work to get the kid interested and comfortable.  Once they had settled in the kids had fun running about between the activities.

The kids did a lot of activities including:
- petting zoo 
- ducky race
- corn maze
- rope maze
- trackless train ride
- giant checkers game
- panning for gems
- picnic lunch
- puppet show
and....lots of playing on the many playgrounds.

The kids had a great day and even got comfortable around the animals.  The last activity the kids did was panning for gems.  They had a great time rinsing through bits of sand and soil to find gems left in the screen.

Here are some photos of our fun day out:

I accidentally let this mama goat out of her pen and she headed straight to the corn maze!
I put her back in before we left.

Hay bale maze - perfect for little boys!

That tiny barn is a puppet theatre.

Trackless train.

These scarecrows have seen better days....

Baby Boy loved this playgroud equipment....and the freed goat takes a wander through.

Of course - the outhouse!

We are pretty sure this boot is from Storyland Valley Zoo - anyone remember?

This is a neat maze - you attach a carabiner to one of the coloured ropes and follow the rope through the maze. 

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  1. Looks like the Zoo Boot! Glad it found a home!