Thursday, August 14, 2014

Baby Boy's First Day of School

This morning Baby Boy was a mess.  He woke up very early and was super grouchy.  He had a tantrum at my feet while I was making lunches and he was fussy.  Once I dressed him for school and put on his backpack he had grown quiet - I think he was actually a bit tired.  On the way to his school he just sat and stared out the car window.

We pulled him out of the truck and took a few pictures and then took him into the school.  I had the wrong building at first.  After a while we found his classroom and he whined a bit while his teacher took him, then she walked him into a room filled with toys and he was happy.

I got a call from his teacher mid morning - he had a nose bleed but was otherwise happy.  When I picked him up he had eaten most of his snack and he hadn't cried except when he had a nosebleed....I'd say that was a pretty good first day!

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