Thursday, March 27, 2014

Well, bad guys, you win

The bad guys win.  There have been so many muggings around my area lately that I am making a few changes in my personal habits.  I no longer carry a handbag - I shove my phone, keys, credit card, licence, and diapers in my jeans pockets.  I will be purchasing and carrying pepper spray.  And I don't leave my kids in the car, even when I return the trolley at the grocery store - I drag them with me both ways.  I don't park where I want to park - now I park right next to the store not further out in the lot so no-one dings my car.  I make sure to lock my doors at all times while driving.

The pepper spray is also a big change in my fundamental beliefs.  I consider it a weapon.  I thought I would never carry a weapon.  Now I will.  This is America....

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