Thursday, February 6, 2014

Moving In

I haven't posted in a while because our move happened. 

Last Monday the movers came to bring our things.  The first snafu was that the people came but our goods were an hour and a half late. The movers started to unload our shipment from Scotland when the radio made an announcement about the weather.  Tuesday was supposed to bring freezing rain so schools, and some workplaces would be closed.   

Our forward-thinking move coordinator set it up so that our second shipment (items we had stored in Canada) would also be delivered Monday so that no one would have to attempt to drive on Tuesday. All of the movers stayed late and left us with a house of chaos.  I think they got off somewhat easy because they stated for an extended day on Monday in lieu of returning on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Tuesday we were trapped in our serviced apartment unable to drive anywhere.  It was great because the cable and Internet were both out.  I passed the day with the kids and it was not pleasant - I've all ready complained about this in a different post so I will leave it at that.  

From Wednesday until today most of my time has been spent unpacking and sorting items.  I put things away, noted damage from the poor packing job in Scotland, cleaned out and papered the nasty cupboards in this house, decided what to sell or give away, and tried to keep the kids entertained while also attending to my tasks.  Today the movers returned and took away an enormous load of rubbish....nearly our whole garage was filled!  Now we are starting to settle in. 

Unfortunately while we had all of this moving stress we also had car buying stress.  Last week we went to the dealership to pick up my used (enormous) truck. We drove over 1/2 hour to the dealership and then they decided to tell us that my husbands passport was required for pickup. It was not required to pick up our other car a couple of weeks ago so we could not have predicted it.  We drove for over an hour to get the passport and then return to the dealership where they informed us we would have to wait for the person to process our payment.  My husband spent the wait time looking over the truck and deciding that the detailing was not good enough.

We left the dealership without the truck and we had to return our rental car.  My husband then had the fun job of moving our things out of the rental apartment with his sports car.  The truck was delivered the next day and so far I like driving it.

Also last week I took the older boys to a pediatrician and had them vaccinated.  

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