Thursday, November 14, 2013

Athens - Fourth (and last) Day and Journey Home

Fourth Day

We got up early on our last day in Athens and we walked over to Ancient Agora to explore the monuments.  We used our Acropolis tickets for entry, so we didn't need to pay again.

Ancient Agora was a marketplace and it is now mainly ruins.  There are helpful explanatory signs in English and Greek explaining what each set of ruins was.  Often there were different buildings on the same site over time and the signs illustrated that as well.  We spent much of the morning wandering through the picturesque ruins in the warm sun and we took loads of photos.

A statute of Hadrian
Temple of Hephaestus a.k.a. the Hephaisteion a.k.a. the Theseion 
Details of the Temple of Hephaestus
And Baby Boy is nursing again at a monument!
Temple of Hephaestus from a distance.

After our Ancient Agora visit, we walked by Hadrian's Library.  When I looked at the map, I was convinced that we had not yet seen Hadrian's Library.  Of course we had - many, many times - but I didn't believe my husband.  We walked by it so that he could prove his point!

We wandered on to Monastiraki Square where we had gyros for lunch.  The kids hadn't tried a gyro before, but they shared one and they loved it!  Big Boy discovered that he too likes tzaziki sauce.  We finished off our gyro lunch with ice cream cones.  While we were buying the cones I was standing in the entryway of the ice cream store to pay and a bird pooped on my shoulder!  I was wearing a shirt with a cut-away pattern and the poop went right onto my skin.  Yuck!  Yuck!  Yuck!

I cleaned up with baby wipes and we walked and ate our ice creams.  Our walk took us past the Central Market which was bursting with people (as it was Saturday).

When we went back to the hotel for naps I took a very long, very hot shower to wash away the thought of the bird poop.

After short naps, we walked over to the National Archeological Museum.  We didn't go in, but the kids had a good time playing on the steps and ground.  Then we headed over to the park behind the museum (Pediou Tou Areos) and the kids had a play at the playground.

National Archeological Museum
We wandered back to Monastiraki Square for dinner and one last look at the Acropolis.  We, of course, topped off the day with pastries from Bakery.

Journey Home

Our journey home was uneventful.  We had to get up very early to catch our flight so we had pre-arranged a taxi and checkout with the hotel.  We didn't bother going to the lounge in Athens (even though the airline had upgraded our tickets to business class and we could have gone in) and the kids did a craft while we waited for our flight.  

The baby had a rough flight to London - he was awake much of the time and a bit fussy.  Once in London, after we cleared immigration and security we had lunch in the lounge and took a breather before heading back to the gate A7 soft play area.

The kids played until we caught our flight home.  The baby slept peacefully all through this (very short) flight....of course!

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