Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Orchid

A few weeks ago I bought a potted orchid in Sainsbury's.  The label said that it could last up to 2 months, and that it needed to be watered about once per week.  It was not to be left to stand in water.

I got the orchid home and it had 5 open blossoms and 2 closed ones.  I watered it the second day and a few days later the other blossoms opened up.  It was beautiful!  What a joy to see.

A week after I watered it for the first time I watered it again.  I drained the pot after I watered it and went out a while later.  I came home hours later and discovered that the orchid had been sitting for hours in standing water that had dripped down through the soil - I hadn't waited long enough before draining the pot.  A few days later, all of the blossoms had wilted and the orchid was looking pretty sad, so I made the decision to throw it away.

I have 2 rubbish bins.  I make it my practice to fill up one of the bins before the other because Big Boy can only reach the one bin.  I "save" it for him so that if he is taking out the garbage the bin will not be too full.  I put the orchid in the bin that I normally save because the other bin happened to be wet at the time.  I would have put the orchid in the compost bin, but I couldn't separate the plant from it's pot and the plastic stick in it's pot so I decided to just chuck it in the rubbish bin.

A few days later (I think about 5 days) I went to put something in the rubbish bin and I peered inside before I threw the bag in.  The orchid looked way better than when I had thrown it out!  Now a few days later, it looks even better!  How funny that it thrives in the rubbish bin after wilting in the house.  I may have to fish it out....

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