Saturday, October 12, 2013

Catch-up - Thursday and Friday

Thursday - International Parade

Each year, Big Boy's school celebrates International Week.  There are various activities throughout the week and the cafeteria makes food from different countries and cultures.  The kids (including Big Boy) get really excited.

Every year on the Thursday night of International Week, the school hosts an International Parade.  This event consists of an Olympic-style parade with the children marching with the country that they are from (or one of the countries that they are from).  After the parade, there are tables with international foods to sample, classroom displays to view, and performances to watch.

That all sounds pretty good, right?  It does, but, unfortunately it is my least favourite event of the year.  Our kids are too young to make this event work.  This year the parade started a few minutes before Little Boy and Baby Boy usually go to bed.  It was hard to control them through the main event and the food booths were crowded making it difficult to help the kids sample different foods.  It was equally difficult to convince them that they don't want to try the delicious treats (so that we could leave the crowded area).  The evening ended when we went to Big Boy's class to view a Scottish display.  The kids were running about and Little Boy fell and bumped his head on the wall - it made a big noise and he cried so hard!

This is a great event to showcase the fact that there are kids from many nations at Big Boy's school (a fact that is less impressive when you grew up in an extremely multicultural neighbourhood like I did - shout out Millwoods!).  The food is usually spectacular and the event has an enthusiastic audience every year.  It's just me that finds it to be an exhausting evening.

Friday - After-school Baking with a Tragic Outcome

Last week I went to a meeting for Little Boy's playgroup.  Everyone was volunteering to help with various tasks and I felt that I needed to volunteer too.  So I volunteered to make decorated sugar cookies.  This was a bit silly because I have never ever ever made decent sugar cookies.  Mine are always too hard or too soft or shapeless.

I did some research on making sugar cookies and I decided that the boys and I would do a dry run on Friday after school.  We made up a batch of sugar cookie dough, rolled it out and stamped the shapes.  The kids had the fun with the stamping and rolling.  Here is a picture of our cookies - some fully baked and some waiting to go into the oven:

So the cookies turned out, but we did have a tragedy while baking.  I blew out the motor of my electric hand mixer!  I had a small moment of silence as I dumped it into the bin.

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