Monday, May 6, 2013

Update...the last couple of weeks

The last couple of weeks have been busy indeed.

We had visitors and they have now left.  Soon we will have another brief visit with some relatives....I can't wait!

Big Boy has an exhausting schedule.  He has started swimming and wall climbing in school and his activity schedule is draining to me even though I'm just watching!  He has another loose tooth - soon we will have another tooth fairy visit.

Little Boy is eating everything in sight at the moment.  He is constantly asking for a snack or wondering when the next meal time is....I'm sure he's heading into a growth spurt.  A few weeks ago we had a celebration for him as he is now potty trained.  He has been trained since late February, but I wanted to wait until we had guests so that we could have a big party.  I hung bunting and we had a cake....and gifts!

Baby Boy is starting to grasp and is in the early stages of sitting.  He can roll over when he wants but he doesn't do it very often.  

Baby Boy has been unwell.  He has seen a bunch of medical professionals and even a specialist doctor.  I have been spending enormous amounts of time trying to get him appropriate medical attention, but unfortunately the soonest we could get an appointment for him to see the doctor he needs is August (!).  I'm going to keep working on it, but he is currently miserable and I hate seeing him like this.

It is a holiday weekend but my husband is away so I am trying to be creative while entertaining my boys.  Last night we had our first ever restaurant "takeaway."  It was a mixed success.  Big Boy loved everything, while Little Boy picked one dish (fried rice) and ate only that.

A couple of other bits of news that I will be expanding on in future posts:

-  I have started making my own yogurt.  Not only am I saving loads of money, it is healthier and the kids love it.
-  I have managed to find my way around the bread machine and I am consistently making decent bread at this point.
-  I got my first ever speeding ticket.

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