Monday, May 20, 2013

The Value of a Pound....Part II

This is an update on my previous post about Big Boy learning about the value of a pound (linked here:  

After Big Boy asked about the book sale, I sent him off to school with some of his saved-up pocket money.  He chose to take £10 of his pocket money (rather a lot, I thought) to purchase the book that he wanted.  He came home with 3 books and no money left.

When I asked about what happened, he explained that he went to the sale and showed the saleslady how much money he had and she helped him by showing him that he could get 3 books for his money....pretty slick sales job....

Anyways, Big Boy feels empowered by his purchases but he was sad that some of his pocket money was gone.  He loves the books he bought and in his mind they were worth what he spent on them.  With regards to a pocket money purchase, that's about all you can ask for!

As the next stage to our "Value of a Pound" project, my husband plans to take Big Boy and show him what you can buy for £10 in terms of other toys or food for the family.  He is planning a combination of showing him in store and on line - just building it into our regular family activities.  I will keep everyone posted on how that goes.

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