Sunday, January 27, 2013

Burns Supper and Ceilidh

Last night we went to our second Burns Supper and Ceilidh.  Now that we have Baby Boy, our babysitting arrangements were a bit complicated - I took Baby Boy to a friend's house while Big Boy and Little Boy stayed home with a sitter.  It was our first time leaving Baby Boy for the evening and it went really well.

My husband rented a kilt again and, once again, it took ages for him to get dressed.  I think he looks very handsome in a kilt.  

A taxi picked us up and drove us to Ardoe House Hotel.  We started off with champagne in the foyer, and then moved into the main supper room.

Supper consisted of 4 courses:  Scotch broth; haggis, neeps and tatties; roast beef; and apple tart tatin.  It was lovely to eat a hot meal without any antics and I enjoyed my food very much.  

The evening entertainment was the same as last year - the haggis was addressed; we enjoyed a pipe band; I was impressed by highland dancers; and an historian gave a presentation on the life of Burns.  All of this was followed by a Ceilidh.  We stayed for a few songs and then made a dash to relieve the babysitters. 

I am now sporting a Ceilidh-related injury - I was stepped on with a pointy high heel and now I have a swollen bruise on the top of my foot!  Make no mistake, I am entirely at fault for this injury - my dancing is clumsy and I was having trouble learning the steps!

All of the ladies at the Supper took away a lovely gift:  a "red red rose" in a vase alone with a thistle.  Here are some pictures: 

The bag is beautiful, but excessive in size!

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