Thursday, December 6, 2012

Diaper Comparison

Anyone who has known me in a "child rearing" context will know that I'm no fan of Huggies brand diapers.   I don't seem to learn my lesson - I buy them periodically when they are on coupon because I think "how can they be that bad?" and each time I prove to myself that for my use, they are "that bad."

So, what's my beef?  I find Huggies brand diapers to fit smaller than other brands in the same size and weight classifications. My children are all quite robust and the Huggies brand diapers just don't provide enough coverage.  I find that they leak out the top or the inner leg. We joke in our house that using a Huggies leads automatically to an outfit change.  That is an exaggeration, but Huggies do consistently leak on Baby Boy (and they did on my other boys as well).

This week I had a unique opportunity to compare the size of different diaper brands when I accidentally opened multiple packets of diapers.  I have taken a few pictures to compare Huggies, Pampers, and Tesco "New Baby" diapers. They illustrate my size complaint nicely:

Huggies size 2 is just over 3 inches wide
Pampers size 2 is just over 3.5 inches wide
Tesco size 2 is nearly 4 inches
Here is a comparison photo illustrating the height difference.
Huggies is considerably shorter.
And finally a stacked view to illustrate the width difference

I do recognise that the small size is only a problem for my boys because my boys are fairly large.  If I had thin children I might appreciate the lack of bulk in the Huggies brand diapers. But, I don't have particularly thin children and therefore Huggies are not a great "fit" for our family.

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