Monday, September 29, 2014

I Sewed in a Zipper!

I don't have a zipper foot but I'd like to sew some things that require a zip.  What to do?  I turned to Youtube!  There are a few videos explaining how to sew in a zip without a zipper foot.  I watched them and fell in love with one online seamstress.

Anyways, I watched her video a few times.  Then I incorporated an idea from and other online seamstress.  The whole zip went in perfectly but for the part with the idea from the other seamstress.  

Here are some photos.  The part at the top was a stupid idea from a different video, and the consistent bottom was from my favourite seamstress.  I just sewed this zip into a spare piece of fabric so I won't bother correcting it, but now I am confident that I could sew a zip in if necessary.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Throw back....

Today I make a throw back snack....ants on a log!

It was not very popular.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pumpkin Loaf

Today I finally used my new pumpkin loaf pan to bake a pumpkin loaf.  I used this recipe:  If you have a bit of time on your hands, some of the reviews and comments on this recipe are hilarious....

I followed the recipe exactly and it turned out very well.  The only disappointment was that the friends we were going to share it with got sick!

The loaf baked up really tall!

The top detail came out really nicely.
Unfortunately the muffin top (which was actually the bottom of the loaf) made the loaf  "slanted".

I decided to trim off the muffin top and send the nice part of the loaf to my husband's work.
We nibbled at the trimmings.

The trimmed loaf.

I can't get over how well it came out of the pan!

The desserts that I made for dinner on tonight.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


You may recall that in early September I took a sewing class at my local fabric store.  After taking the class I decided to try my hand at sewing something using a pattern.  I bought an easy pattern that didn't require a lot of notions (there was one pattern for a hanging holder/cubby for the back of a car seat that looked good but required a bunch of expensive notions).  My pattern is for a shopping bag with a smaller bag that you can fold the shopping bag into.  I don't really need the bag but I wanted to complete a pattern as a confidence building exercise before moving onto something more complex.  

I bought some clearance fabric and thread and brought everything home to get started.

I followed all of the steps but I chose not to attach the D ring mechanism that the pattern called for on the bag (because the mechanism cost more than the fabric and pattern combined so I didn't buy it) and I didn't attach the velcro to the pouch.  I'm not even sure why I made the pouch....I don't want it but I had already cut it out so I decided to make it.

It was a challenge to follow the pattern - mostly because I'm out of date on some of the terminology and I'm scared to make a mistake.  In the end I followed it correctly without many setbacks and made the project quickly and as the pattern called for (but for the D ring and velcro).  My confidence is definitely boosted, and I can't wait to take on the next project!

Below are some pictures of the bag.  It is fully lined and the lining sits properly in the bag.  I properly finished all of the seams and I also included the optional top stitching.  The bag pouch was challenging - partly because of the complicated construction and partly because it is so small.

This is the bag - I folded over one handle so you can see that it is lined.

This is the bag, pattern, and the pouch.
The pouch.

I love this fabric....I can't imagine why it was on clearance.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Cycle is Complete

This will be a surprise to no-one who regularly reads my blog.  Guess who's sick now?  I am!  And so is my husband.  I've been very short of sleep over the last week or so and there are clearly nasty germs flying around our house.

Now this bug has made the complete cycle through our family.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

And Again.....

I can't even believe I'm writing this.  Last night Big Boy got sick and spent the whole night vomiting.  You may recall that Baby Boy was sick the night before and Little Boy a few days ago.  They have all had the exact same experience - they wake up around midnight and vomit about once an hour into the morning.  By noon the next day they are feeling better but tired.

Today Big Boy stayed home with me while he recovered and rested.  I did about a million loads of disgusting laundry and tried to catch up on some sleep.  I have had 2 nights in a row of virtually no sleep!

Now the kids have all been sick....hope I don't catch it!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Another long day.....

Last night Baby Boy got sick and was awake vomiting all was another long day with an exhausted parent (me!) and a sick toddler.  He is in good spirits but exhausted and I feel so sorry for him even though I am so tired!